Walpurgisnacht MMXIX

In the 80’s Anton LaVey appointed me Grand Master for life of the Order of the Trapezoid. It has been 50 years since the publication of his Satanic Bible, and two decades since his death; in that time the world has changed exponentially. I felt it was finally time to go public with the role he bestowed upon me.

Much of the subject matter we will explore will be ideas he and I spent countless hours discussing. Make no mistake, this will have absolutely nothing to do with Satanism. But having spent upwards of a few thousand hours with the man, I can assure you that there will be little (perhaps nothing) about the Order with which he would take issue; up to and including the necessity to leave God and the Devil on the scrapheap of history once and for all.

There’s a thin line between manipulating an archetype and perpetuating a superstition. LaVey was a master of manipulating archetypes, and in the 60’s Satan was a perfect vehicle for communicating his ideas; allowing the public to indulge their shadow side, and countering the emerging lunacy of the hippie culture, which he despised. He also grew to despise the ever growing hoards of faux magicians who could parrot his words and ideas, but altogether lacked the capacity to apply them to their own lives.

“You can’t imagine how painful it is,” he once told me, “to see a bunch of pissants talking about a power philosophy and bringing your name into the mix. Sometimes I think I’ve created a monster.” Those in his inner circle knew exactly what he meant. And agreed wholeheartedly.

The Order of the Trapezoid will focus upon the laws of the earth, the path of fire, and the innate power derived from the discipline of true non-belief. It will be predicated upon the fundamental forces that shape and define both nature and the cosmos — forces that slumber still within the core of man. And it will offer suggestions as to how to reawaken the latter, so as to reunite with the former.