Scarlet Memories


“My dreams go back to ancient Babylon, and the description of the sign 666, which is the mark of the beast; thus, the mark of a man. And furthermore, it is the mark of Satan. I feel nearer to Satan than the average human being can be. I feel as though I am part of him. I seek to find and know a lot of what no one has known yet. I feel as though I know things that no one else knows. Things that have no words. Thus, I’ll have to make the words up. They should all be written in scarlet.

One of the things that gave me a lot of the determinations I just described was a Black Mass I went to…which took place at the Wax Museum. In the darkness of flaming scarlet a magician performed a hellish ritual that dates back through thousands of years of devil-like ceremonies sacrificing a beautiful maiden. The people who witnessed this Black Mass were all of high social standing. It was no joke. One Greek lady, I can still remember, with her long reddish-like hair and her fiery eyes. I wished I could remember every word, word for word, of the ancient old tongues that were spoken by the magician who performed the ceremonial Black Mass.

(There was) an altar that the magician stood over. I stood behind him, entranced in amazement…then he drew his sword and thrust it through the maiden in the ritual of ancient times. And there was no blood, except in the imagination. Her eyes gazed upwardly in the smoldering cave, and the smoke that billowed from the weird incense. To my left, wax mummies were robbing graves. All the heroes of the night were there in the form of wax. Directly behind the Scarlet Lady was Frankenstein in the broken down lab set. To my right, a maiden in silky blond hair that I could smell, all of them reeking with lust. Beautiful women – and the magician was like a transformation of Death. Those who worked with him and the man in the long black gown, hooded – I’d seen before in dreams. It was almost as I could have called out his name for I knew him. There was no time to ever fix a stare on one certain thing. The creaking of a door and spider webs being spun to the hum of his chant…my lungs filled with soot, as if a sacrifice was being burned. Everything spun in a maze.”

[This was Frank’s first exposure to LaVey. A short time later, Kenneth Anger ultimately introduced the two, and he joined the early Church forthwith.]