The Last Testament of Anton Szandor LaVey

Boyd Rice’s latest book “The Last Testament of Anton Szandor LaVey” is available via Amazon, where it debuted as the number one bestseller in Religious Studies.

The book is a recollection of Anton Szandor LaVey by one of those who knew him best. LaVey served as Rice’s mentor from the Eighties until his death in 1997. During this time, Rice acted as a spokesman for LaVey’s Church of Satan, and was eventually offered to serve as its leader (which Rice declined). This book features LaVey’s last interview, which was conducted by Rice in 1997. Blanche Barton, LaVey’s official biographer, stated: “Because of Rice’s intimate knowledge of Anton and his deep understanding of Satanic philosophy, it is one of the best interviews that LaVey ever gave.”

Also featured are unpublished interviews with LaVey detailing his meeting with Ed Gein and the man behind the unsolved Black Dahlia Murder, brand new essays by Rice, information on the Magic Circle and LaVey’s beginnings, never-before-seen photographs, and an extensive conversation with LaVey’s daughter Karla. Full color printing.

“Every day, I miss Dr. LaVey and the many wonderful evenings spent with him at the Black House. This book brings back great memories of that time. Everyone has an opinion about LaVey and his legacy, but so few people were lucky to get to know him as a friend. If you never had that opportunity, this book gives you a chance to experience some small part of that magic.”